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The intent of this presentation is to teach you about the Klugman Loss Models: From Data to Decisions, 3rd Edition Online product. We will be sharing the key features and functionality of this product. You will learn the log–in procedures and how to navigate and use this system effectively. We will end the presentation by providing you with a resource you can contact with any follow–up questions.

What is Loss Models 3rd Edition Online?

This is an online product for aspiring and practicing actuaries who desire a fast and efficient alternative to using the traditional coursebook approach.

This online, multi–color, self–looping digital product has full
text with searchable links; more than 75 plugged–in data sets
(in EXCEL); thousands of uniquely–designed and randomly–
selected sample SOA/CAS test exercises, complete with hints and worked-out solutions; and multiple forms of C/4 exams. It is the perfect electronic substitute for a traditional linear text.
Price includes one-year access/subscription.

Key Features

—Step–by–step solutions to thousands of typical C/4 exam questions
—Multiple forms of timed exams
—Dynamic questions where values can be changed to practice
    the same question more than once

Prologue Module:

The Prologue Module describes the book, its authors, and how to best use the product.

Chapter Module:

The Chapter Modules represent the text proper, complete with examples and exercise/solution sets (some static, some with spreadsheet functionality, and some with regeneration functionality).

Exam Module:

The Exam Modules present simulations of the actuarial Exam C/4. Each exam features multiple choice questions similar in content and difficulty to those on C/4. Detailed solutions are provided.

How to Best Utilize Loss Models 3E Online

First – Learn the subject by reading the recommended text or other means.
Second – Solidify your knowledge by working problems related to what you have just learned in the Chapter Modules.
Third – Improve your exam-taking skills by working problems similar to those that will be on your exam in the Exam Modules

Why Loss Models 3e Online?

—Test takers will gain the confidence of the material by practicing     in an interactive format
—Practice questions have been taken from previous Exam
    C/4 examinations
—It helps users achieve their exam goals

Log–in Procedure

You can use Loss Models, 3rd Edition Online from any device that has internet accessibility. Just visit the website http://www.wiley.com/go/eklugmanonline3e. First time visitors must click on the New User Registration link to register a user name and password. To create a new account you will be asked to enter the registration code that you obtained either online at wiley.com or in a special mailer/wrapper that you received. Each time you log onto Loss Models 3e Online you will need to enter your user email address and password. This product is accessible on a 24/7 basis for one full year after registration. Once logged in you can change your password by going to User Details.